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Serving Franklin and Washington Counties since 2012


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When to Replace or Repair Your Furnace


When deciding whether to call for furnace service in Shippensburg, PA, there are a lot of reasons why people might hesitate to do so. They might not be sure that the issue is one that warrants immediate repairs. Or they might be worried that their furnace is beyond repair and believe it’s overdue for replacement.

For non-emergency repairs, it can be easy to ignore small signs that your furnace needs some help, especially when those signs are subtle. Let’s go over the factors that heating technicians take into account when determining if a furnace needs to be repaired or needs to be replaced.

Repairs Are Always an Option

A homeowner should never feel that they’re being pressured into replacing their furnace. It’s always up to the homeowner to make that decision. But HVAC technicians don’t want you to keep throwing money away on fixes that are essentially a band-aid covering up a bigger problem. There are some repairs that are costly and depending on other factors, a repair isn’t always the best option.

Thankfully, there’s a rule of thumb you can follow to determine if a repair is worth it. This rule is called the 5,000 rule and it’s easy to calculate. Multiply the cost of a repair by the age of the furnace. If the total exceeds 5,000, it’s better to replace it. If it’s less, you should repair it. For example, if the estimated repair is $700 and your furnace is 6 years old, $700 x 6 is 4200 which means you should have it repaired.

System Age

The estimated lifespan of furnaces is between 10-15 years with electric furnaces typically lasting longer than gas furnaces. It’s during the last 2-3 years of its lifespan that homeowners generally see their furnace decline.

If your furnace is at the end of its estimated lifespan or has exceeded it, we recommend replacement. Furnaces have advanced so much technologically in the last decade that you’ll reap the rewards of higher efficiency while lowering the amount you pay for utilities.

System Performance and Efficiency

How happy are you with your furnace’s ability to heat your home sufficiently? If its performance is lackluster and your energy bills keep going up, these are good indicators that you’d be better off replacing it. There’s no use in throwing money away on a furnace that isn’t heating your home well. 

Household Changes

If your family has expanded over the years, you might need to upgrade your system to accommodate the changes in your household. Or perhaps some family members have moved out and a different type of system might suit your current arrangement better. If you’re planning to add on to your home and increase your square footage, a new system 

Home Investment

It can be helpful to evaluate your long-term goals for your home. Do you plan to keep it for life or do you plan on selling it in the near future? If it’s the former, a new furnace is a great investment. If it’s the latter, getting it repaired is the better option. That way, the next owner can decide what type of furnace will work best for their family.

You can rely on our professional, honest opinion when it comes to making the decision between furnace repair or replacement.

For reliable furnace service in Shippensburg, PA contact Premier HVAC Services today!

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