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Heat Pump Services in Chambersburg, PA

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When you have a heat pump for your home comfort, you’re covered on both the hottest summer days and the coldest winter nights. If you’re ready to make the switch to a heat pump or need a repair on an existing heat pump, you can rely on our team of NATE-certified experts.

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Heat pumps harness the power of an air conditioner and allow it to run in reverse so a home can enjoy both cooling and heating from the same system. The technology of heat pumps is always improving, and Premier HVAC Services keeps current with these advances so we can offer our customers in Chambersburg, PA and throughout South-Central Pennsylvania the best service.

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Professional Heat Pump Installation

If you ever hear an HVAC contractor tell you that there’s a one-size-fits all solution for comfort, you need to find a new contractor—because you aren’t talking to a genuine professional. An experienced HVAC technician who is looking out for customers will always provide choices and help them to find the unit that will meet their specific needs.

A heat pump installation isn’t for all homes, but it may be perfect for your home. Heat pumps are best suited to all-electric homes, since they have energy-saving performance in heating mode compared to an electric furnace. When you work with our technicians, they’ll give you the information necessary for you to know if a heat pump is right for your household.

We’re On-Call for Your Heat Pump Repair Needs

You can expect your heat pump to run for much of the year since it looks after your comfort in hot and cold weather. This means you can also expect to have to repair it on occasion as the strain takes a toll. Only a licensed HVAC repair technician can successfully repair a heat pump, so please don’t let an amateur offering a suspiciously low price do the repairs. The low price reflects low quality—and that will cost you later, if not immediately. We have repair pros ready 24-hours a day to do the work right.

If our technicians cannot repair your system, they’ll help you with a fast heat pump replacement. This is a great time to take advantages of the newest, high-efficiency heat pumps on the market.

Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance Twice a Year

Heat pump maintenance is different than the maintenance requirements for ACs and furnaces. Because a heat pump does both heating and cooling work over a year, it needs two annual inspections and tune-ups. You can arrange for heat pump maintenance with Premier HVAC Services through our service agreements. Our multi-point inspections will ensure that you have an HVAC system working at peak performance and efficiency, and which will last for many years before it’s time for a heat pump replacement.

For all your heating and cooling needs in Chambersburg, PA, trust to us—we’re family owned and operated with years of history serving the region.

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