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Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers in Hagerstown, MD

Serving Franklin and Washington Counties

Your HVAC system has an air filter, usually located where the return air ducts connect with the HVAC cabinet. This filter isn’t designed to improve the house’s indoor air quality. It protects the components of the heating and cooling system. To remove pollutants from circulating through your house, you’ll need an air filtration system, and possibly an air purification system, installed. This job requires experts in indoor air quality services.

We’re the contractor to call in Hagerstown, MD and throughout South-Central Pennsylvania for quality air filters and air purifiers. We keep up with the newest developments in air cleaning technology and train our technicians on the latest HVAC trends. This way we can provide you with the best possible service and do each job right.

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Air Filters—Simple Idea, Powerful Air Cleaning

The air filter operates on a basic concept: a mesh of fibers that trap contaminants trying to pass through. But if an HVAC professional handles selecting and installing an air filtration system, it can provide a significant boost to a home’s indoor air quality. Air filters come in different strengths (measured as MERV), and an IAQ expert will make sure a home’s ventilation system has a filter powerful enough to eliminate pollutants but not too strong that it impedes airflow.

Air Purification Adds More Power

An air purifier runs on electricity and operates much differently than a filter. A purifier creates a field of electrical charge inside the ducts of the HVAC system, and this changes the charge of air pollutants, which the purifier can then pull down from the air. An air purifier on its own usually won’t be able to provide thorough cleaning for a home’s air. But when paired with a filter, the air purifier adds to the filter’s power as it captures the tiny particles—smoke, chemicals, odor molecules—that managed to flow through the filter fibers. The right air purifier and filter combo can remove more than 99% of unwanted pollutants.

Using a UV Air Purifier for a Healthier Household

UV air filters are a special type of indoor air quality system that combats organic contaminants. The ultraviolet lamps in the purifier disrupt cellular activity in cells, destroying them or making them harmless. A UV air purifier is an effective tool against some of the worst types of airborne pollutants: germs, viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. They don’t leave any chemical residue behind, are easy to maintain, and can even help an AC or heat pump work better by eliminating mold and mildew from the evaporator coil.

Better Air Quality in Hagerstown, MD

Choosing air filters and purifiers doesn’t have to be a problem for you. You can leave the difficult part to our HVAC technicians in Hagerstown, MD. They fully understand the way homes in the area can be affected by low indoor air quality. When you arrange for IAQ service with Premier HVAC Services, you’ll only get the best products and services. We are interested in innovation, and we empower our employees to give each customer the finest possible work on every job.

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