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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Chambersburg, PA

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Today’s homes are airtight and energy efficient. This is great for your utility bills, but bad for your indoor air quality. The lack of circulation of outdoor air to replace poor indoor air is an issue that heat and energy recovery ventilators directly address. These devices draw currents of outdoor air into a chamber where they either pre-heat the fresh air or pre-cool it.

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Premier HVAC Services can integrate an ERV or HRV system into your existing HVAC system. You’ll enjoy the circulation of fresh air in your home without causing your utility bills to skyrocket.

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The Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators in Action

You may never have heard of heat and energy recovery ventilators, also known as HRV and ERV systems. These are devices our HVAC experts can integrate into the ventilation system connected to your heating and air conditioning. The device draws a current of outdoor air into duct work and draws it into a chamber where it either pre-heats the fresh air or pre-cools it using a current from air indoors.

This is where "energy recovery" occurs. Instead of letting the energy your HVAC system used to either heat or cool the air in the house go to waste, the energy is harnessed to pre-condition the outdoor air. So cold outdoor air in winter is warmed up before it reaches the house, and hot outdoor air in summer is cooled down.

How You Benefit from an ERV or HRV System

The reason we often recommend using energy or heat recovery ventilators is because they permit fresh air circulation in a house without causing utility bills to skyrocket. What happens if you open the windows on a cold day in winter so you can have fresh air? The house becomes colder and the heating system must work far harder. The reverse happens with an air conditioner on a hot day. But an HRV/ERV system brings fresh air into the house already heated or cooled—and without any extra expense, because it recovered the energy from inside the house. You’ll have the best Triple Crown: fresher air, comfort, lower bills!

Humidity Control and the ERV and HRV Systems

Another benefit of using an ERV is that it helps with balancing humidity. As the air from indoors pre-heats or pre-cools the incoming air, it also exchanges moisture. This is very beneficial during summer, when the incoming air loses its high moisture levels before entering the house. This humidity balancing only works with ERVs—this is the big difference between the two systems. HRVs may not affect humidity, but they are more suited to cold climates.

Premier HVAC Services can make sure that you have the right type of ventilator for your house. Our technicians receive continuing training so they’re current with the best in HVAC technology. Our HVAC experts are what makes us great, and you’ll find that out when you need indoor air quality improvements in Chambersburg, PA or the surrounding areas.

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