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Oil-to-Gas Conversions in Hagerstown, MD

Serving Franklin and Washington Counties

A question homeowners often ask us is how they can lower their energy costs for their heating system? The winters in South-Central Pennsylvania can be long and tough, making it necessary to run heating systems for extended periods of time. Although there are tips people can follow to lower their heating bills, in some cases the best option is to upgrade out-of-date equipment such as an oil-burning furnace.

If you rely on oil to power your heating systems, we strongly recommend converting the oil heating system to a natural gas system. This may sound like a major burden, or even impossible. Premier HVAC Services would like to show you what we can do so you enjoy not only less expensive heating in Hagerstown, MD, but cleaner and more convenient heating. It’s our goal to offer the best customer service from courteous and skilled technician who have the finest tools and equipment.

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Why Natural Gas Is a Better Fuel Source Than Oil

Oil-fueled furnaces were once common, but now the amount of homes using natural gas around the country is more than 80%. There are many reasons oil has fallen out of favor as a source for indoor warmth:

  • Natural gas is less expensive. The amount of money you’ll save with you convert from an oil furnace to a natural gas one should pay off the cost of the service in less than five years.
  • Pricing for natural gas is less volatile than for oil. This is because natural gas is a domestic product.
  • Carbon emissions of natural gas are lower than oil—it burns cleaner. You help the environment when you stop using oil.
  • Natural gas is more convenient. It comes direct to your house through a municipal line. No more worrying about storing oil or forgetting to schedule delivery.
  • When you convert to natural gas, you can also use it to power other home appliances, like gas stoves and ovens.

Can Your Home Convert to Natural Gas?

When thinking about making the change from your old oil-burning furnace, the first thing to consider is if natural gas is available for your house. We live in one of the last areas of the US where oil burners are still common because we’re near to eastern seaboard ports where oil is delivered. But natural gas lines are now located in most suburban areas. You may not realize how nearby the closest natural gas source is to your house. If you have neighbors who use natural gas for any part of their house, chances are high that you can make the switch.

Schedule a Consultation for Oil-to-Gas Conversion in Hagerstown, MD

We hope by this point you’re giving serious consideration to making the switch to natural gas heating. That’s good—now the next step is to call Premier HVAC Services and ask about our services for converting an oil heating system to a natural gas system. We’ll provide you with the information you need and help find out if there is local access to a natural gas line. Our contractors will do the work of adding in the gas line from the meter to your heating system and installing an advanced new furnace.

Let us make your home heating the best it can be in Hagerstown, MD. Schedule a consultation today.

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