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Dual Fuel Systems in Hagerstown, MD

Serving Franklin and Washington Counties

A dual fuel system, also known by other names such as a hybrid heat dual fuel system or dual fuel heat pump, is a flexible option to provide year-round home comfort. One of these systems can provide excellent air conditioning during hot weather and efficient heating in cold weather, but without the efficiency problem that standard heat pumps can run into during extremely low temperatures.

We encourage customers in Hagerstown, MD and throughout South-Central Pennsylvania to consider a dual fuel system installation when planning for a heat pump. We have technicians with experience and training on all types of heat pumps and hybrid heat dual fuel systems, and they stay current with the newest technologies. They also provide dual fuel system maintenance, replacement, and repair. We offer a price-match guarantee, free second opinions, and full-year warranties on repairs.

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Choosing a Dual Fuel System Installation

These systems are simple to explain: they’re heat pumps with a backup furnace that usually runs from propane. When a heat pump struggles to extract thermal energy from outside during freezing weather, the furnace turns on to make up the difference, then shuts off when no longer needed.

If you are planning a new HVAC installation or replacement in an all-electric home, a dual fuel system might be ideal. You can enjoy the energy-saving benefits and year-round convenience of a heat pump without concerns that the worst days of winter may overwhelm it. As an alternative to an electric furnace-and-air conditioner combination, a dual fuel heat pump is often a great choice. However, please let our experts assist with making the decision. They can make the calculations for your house and tell you the most effective way to deliver cooling and warmth. You may only need a standard heat pump.

Dual Fuel System Repairs—Emergency or Otherwise

If you’ve already had a dual fuel system replacement or installation, you’ll still need to keep a watch for malfunctions. Dual fuel heat pumps can encounter the same troubles as other heat pumps, plus the backup furnace may fail. Never allow anyone without proper training to attempt a dual fuel system repair—this can be hazardous and rarely turns out right. Our technicians are available 24/7 for any repair work you need, no matter how urgent. Our same day service will get your HVAC system back to work.

Arrange for Dual Fuel System Maintenance

The best way to free yourself from too many repair calls and to prevent an early dual fuel system replacement is to sign up for a service agreement with Premier HVAC Services. Our regular maintenance goes above and beyond a quick check-up. We’ll carefully inspect the heat pump and backup furnace, clean and lubricate parts, measure refrigerant pressure, tighten electrical connections, and ensure the entire HVAC system is in the shape it needs for both winter and summer. Your hybrid heat pump will enjoy a long life, better efficiency, and rarely malfunction.

To find out more about dual fuel systems in Hagerstown, MD, and all other air conditioning and heating options, call out friendly and courteous staff.

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