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Water Heaters in Hagerstown, MD

Serving Franklin and Washington Counties

A water heater is one of those systems that quite often get taken for granted. It’s out of sight and out of mind, yet when something goes wrong with it, everyone in the household knows. If you want a reliable water heater that will help you clean, bathe, and cook without any trouble, then you should turn to Premier HVAC Services for your water heater services.

We’ll ensure you’re set up with the right water heater for your specific household, helping you to explore options like the tankless water heater, which can be more efficient than the tank option. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of heating experts with any questions you might have.

For all your water heater service needs, contact Premier HVAC Services--Your Local Heating & Air Conditioning Professionals!

Which Water Heater Is Best for Your Home?

Hagerstown area homeowners are consistently looking for ways to save money, and one of these ways is to choose the best systems for their home–the most efficient systems that will save them the most money in the long run. There is no exception when it comes to water heaters.

Gas Water Heaters: Gas-powered water heaters are less expensive to operate from month to month than their electric counterparts. However, the installation is more involved and can therefore be a bit more costly.

Electric Water Heaters: Electric water heaters are a great option for homeowners who don’t have easy access to a gas main, and for those homeowners who are looking for a safer option. Gas water heaters are not inherently dangerous, but there is always a risk when working with gas lines.

Water Heater Installation and Replacement

Professional installation or replacement of your water heater is essential. Only a trained and experienced professional will understand everything it takes for the successful placement of your new water heater, including removing the old system without damaging any necessary components or hookups and ensuring the system is the right size and capacity for your living space.

Storage tank water heaters come in different sizes by gallon, and getting too big of a tank can lead to standby heat loss, and therefore energy loss. Be sure to talk to our pros to find the right system for your needs!

Hot Water Heater Repair

The best way to ensure your water heater stays in great condition is by keeping up on professional maintenance services for the system. Yes, you do need maintenance–whether you have a tank water heater, tankless system, or whether it’s gas or electric.

Water heaters need to be flushed of sediment that builds up as a result of the minerals that exist in hard water–calcium, magnesium, and sometimes iron. These minerals are harmless to us, but not so harmless to your plumbing system. They build up and create blockages and can eventually lead to corrosion. Additionally, mineral buildup can coat the heat exchanger of your water heater and lead to uneven heating.

Of course, even with maintenance, it’s still possible you may need hot water heater repair. If your system is making strange noises, has uneven heating, or if you notice your water bill going up, it can point to a problem with the system, and it’s important to give our Hagerstown professionals a call!

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