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Serving Franklin and Washington Counties



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HVAC Contractor in Shippensburg, PA

Serving Franklin and Washington Counties

If you live in Shippensburg, PA, you already have most of your HVAC concerns taken care of-because you’ve got the team at Premier HVAC Services only a phone call away and on duty 24-hours a day. We’re a fully licensed HVAC contractor, locally owned and operated and with technicians who have numerous years of heating and cooling experience. We back up our work with a full-year warranty on repairs, and we offer price-matching and free second opinions. Schedule same-day service with us for the best in heating and cooling technology.

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Air Conditioning Services

The central air conditioner is a complicated piece of equipment, and it requires a technician with years of training to take care of any job for one. That includes small repairs as well as extensive new installations. For the best Shippensburg, PA air conditioning service, we’re the local contractor to trust. We keep current with the newest innovations in cooling systems, such as energy-saving inverter air conditioners. Our service agreements will see your air conditioner runs in top shape for many years.

AC Repair & Installation

At Premier HVAC Services, we know our customers are always looking for bargains on home services. But the best bargain when it comes to an AC repair or the installation of a new cooling system is to work with our professionals! Amateurs who offer cheap prices will also give you cheap service. We, on the other hand, will not only give you the finest service, 100% of the time, but we guarantee our repairs for one year. Reach out to us today.

Heating Services

What’s the best way to heat a home in Shippensburg, PA during an icy winter? With the assistance of our team of heating experts! We deliver complete heating services. Are you looking to replace an aging heater, or put in the first heater for a new home? Want to know if a heat pump or a furnace is ideal for your needs? Have a failed heater that must be repaired? We can do all these jobs, and we’re dedicated to doing each one right.

Heating Repair & Installation

A heating system installation isn’t difficult to do-at least not if you have the number for Premier HVAC Services available. You don’t have to worry about whether the installation will be high quality, or if the right type and size of heater is going in. We only do the finest possible work on each job we take on. That same goes for heating repairs. Our technicians are on call 24/7 because we know heaters often fail at the worst times.

Furnace Repair & Installation

The most common type of home heating system in Shippensburg, PA is the furnace. And that means our heating experts know all about handling furnace needs. When you arrange for a repair with us, we’ll ensure we keep your house safe as we restore the furnace back to full power. And if you’re ready for a new furnace, our technicians will carefully select a new unit and have it installed so it works steadily for many years.

Boiler Services in Shippensburg, PA

We totally understand if a traditional forced-air system isn’t right for you, which is why our team proudly offers comprehensive boiler services in Shippensburg. Boilers are super-efficient and effective, perfect for keeping your home warm and cozy all winter long. Ask our team today about having one of these systems installed in your home.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Air filters, air purifiers, whole-house dehumidifiers and humidifiers, and heat recovery ventilators are among the indoor air quality installations Premier HVAC Services can do for your house. You may not think your home has low indoor air quality, but there is a strong chance it does-poor indoor air quality is a serious health threat in homes across the country. You can let us take care of all tough work of outfitting your HVAC system with the right air quality systems.

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