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Serving Franklin and Washington Counties since 2012


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Top 10 Tips for Optimal AC Performance

As summer approaches, you may be thinking through tactics for how you can optimize your AC’s performance. You want to stay cool, but you don’t want to go broke doing it. That’s why energy efficiency and thoughtful care of your air conditioner are so important. 

And one of the ways that you can care for your AC and keep it in great shape is by investing in air conditioning repair when it’s needed. It’s a great idea to stay ahead of problems and or prevent larger issues from ever happening. Keep reading to learn 10 tips for getting the most out of your AC this summer.

1. Understand AC Operations

You may think that you understand how an AC works, but there are likely a few things that you don’t know. When you schedule maintenance or repairs with our team, take time to ask questions. If you don’t know what to ask, just find out what tips we have to offer for your unique AC unit. 

2. Check Condenser Fins

The outdoor portion of your AC unit has condenser fins that aid in releasing heat outside as part of the cooling process. You can use gentle water pressure from a hose to clean them off when they get dirty. 

3. Get a Smart Thermostat

When you invest in a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat, you can enjoy the benefits of selecting energy-efficient settings that your thermostat can program based on what you choose. You don’t have to remember to turn the AC temperature up a few degrees before you leave for work so that you aren’t cooling an empty home. Plus, your smart thermostat can turn the AC back down again before you arrive home so that the indoor air temperature is comfortable again.

4. Get a Booster Fan

If you have one room that struggles to stay cooler than the others, you can get a small booster fan and install it in that portion of the ductwork. This can help improve airflow throughout your entire home. 

5. Pay Attention to Noises

If your AC starts to make a loud or startling sound, call our team right away. Any unusual sounds are almost always an indication that something is wrong with your AC. Ignoring the sounds could lead to a complete system breakdown.

6. Check For Bad Odors

Just like sounds, bad odors coming from your AC are a problem. If the air coming from vents smells musty, you may have mold or mildew growth inside the system somewhere. If the air has a slightly burnt smell, you may have an electrical issue. Both of these are very serious. 

7. The Condensate Drain Line

Every month you should pour about half a cup of vinegar into the condensate drain line of your AC. It’s a pipe that sticks up in front of the indoor portion of your unit. It usually has a small removable cap on top where you can pour the vinegar. This practice helps to prevent clogs and leaks.

8. Change Your Air Filter

You also want to make sure that you change your air filter on time every single month. If you don’t, dust and dirt can clog your filter and find their way into your AC system. This could mean that these particles recirculate through your home, even causing problems inside the system. 

9. Check Your Windows

If your air conditioner has to work against heat coming into your home, it will take on more wear and tear. You can invest in window tints or window coverings that help to block out heat from the sun as a way of aiding in cooling your home. 

10. Know When It’s Time for a New Unit

We understand that you want to get as much life as you can out of your current air conditioner. However, there comes a time when making repairs just isn’t adding up compared to higher energy costs and lower results. Investing in a new AC offers peace of mind, better energy efficiency, and greater comfort. 

To schedule your AC service, contact Premier HVAC Services today!

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