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Serving Franklin and Washington Counties since 2012


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Should I Repair or Replace My AC?

There comes a time when you really need to consider replacing your air conditioner because it is old enough that the costs of keeping it operational outweigh its ability to keep your home comfortable. You can always give our team a call for air conditioner repair in Chambersburg to see if there’s anything we can do to boost efficiency and keep your air conditioner running a little longer.

We can talk to you and review your options so you know where you stand between repair costs versus upgrading your older air conditioner. You can also keep reading to learn more about how you can know when to repair your air conditioner versus replacing it with a newer model.

Signs You Should Repair Your AC

As long as repair costs are reasonable, it makes sense to go ahead and invest in keeping your current air conditioner operational. Repairs can often extend the life of your air conditioner, even if it’s just by a little bit. If your air conditioner is close to or already 15 years old, investing in reasonable repairs can buy you time before you need to invest more money in a replacement within the next year.

Repairs also make sense if your air conditioner is younger. If you have an air conditioner that is still less than 10 years old, it should be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty as long as you’ve kept up with professional maintenance.

This means that anything major going wrong with your air conditioner may be covered by the warranty instead of having to cover costs out of your pocket. Either way, it makes sense to keep your current air conditioner running as long as it is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Signs You Should Replace Your AC

A replacement makes sense if the repair needs for your air conditioner are a significant amount of money. This usually means that a major component inside of your air conditioner has gone bad and needs to be completely replaced. 

By the time you spend thousands of dollars on a single repair for your AC, you can invest that money in a brand-new unit instead. The question is, how do you know what is too much money to spend on a repair? Experts say that you should never spend more than 50% of the cost of a brand-new air conditioner on any repairs. 

This means getting an estimate for upgrading your air conditioner to a totally new unit and then weighing that cost against that of repairs. Spending thousands of dollars on repairs for an older air conditioner doesn’t always make sense because you may not get enough years of life out of the unit to make the investment worthwhile.

Making a Decision

Remember, you’re not alone in making a decision about repairs or replacement when it comes to your air conditioner. Our team is here to help in any way we can. We can check out your current air conditioner and offer an estimate on repairs so that you know how much you are looking at spending. We can also offer a quote for upgrading your existing air conditioner with a newer model so you can compare both options.

To schedule your AC service, contact Premier HVAC Services today!

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