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Serving Franklin and Washington Counties since 2012


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4 Furnace Noises That Mean It’s Time to Call a Pro


Someday, in perhaps not the too far off future, there may be an HVAC system that doesn’t make any noise at all. We can’t promise this will be a reality, but chances are manufacturers will be able to get pretty close.

For now, though, you’re going to hear your furnace make some noise at it runs. For example, you may hear the gentle rattling of your ductwork as the temperature inside them fluctuates. You’ll hear the system cycling on and off, and the whoosh of air coming through your vents.

Noise can actually be a good thing, though, because when a sound becomes different, or when you hear a noise you never have before, then you know something is wrong, and you can give us a call!

Read on as we uncover 4 common noises that indicate it’s time to call a pro for furnace repairs.


Have you detected a clanking sound, like something that sounds similar to metal hitting metal? Well, then you probably are hearing metal hitting metal, in the form of a problem with the furnace’s blower wheel.

If you hear this sound, the best thing you can do for your furnace is to turn it off and get in touch with a trained professional right away to prevent further damage to the wheel. More damage to your furnace components means more damage to your budget, after all.


Do you hear a screeching noise coming from anywhere within your furnace? This is probably a sign that the blower motor isn’t operating as it should be. A failing blower motor means that the heat getting generated by your furnace will not even be able to circulate warmed air throughout your home successfully.

This may just indicate that your blower motor needs to be lubricated, which is something our technicians can handle quite easily for you. Alternatively, it can mean that your fan stopped altogether. The only way to properly diagnose and fix this issue is to get in touch with a trained and experienced HVAC pro.

Heavy Rattling

Rattling, when it’s not really loud, might seem like a minor sound. After all, what if it’s just a loose panel that needs to be tightened on your furnace cabinet? This is a simple fix, but you shouldn’t just assume this is the problem without investigating.

While not common, it’s possible that a broken or cracked heat exchanger is causing this sound. Damaged heat exchangers allow carbon monoxide (CO) into your home, which can be very dangerous.

Banging or Booming

If you hear a booming sound, what you probably detect is the burners’ flames bursting through a layer of dirt or grime. This is common in systems that are not regularly maintained. For this reason (and more), you should invest in routine furnace maintenance once a year.

Your furnace rattles around when this problem occurs, which can be jarring for sensitive components, including the heat exchanger that we mentioned above.

For reliable professional heater repair in Chambersburg, PA, look no further than Premier HVAC Services. Contact us today!

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