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Serving Franklin and Washington Counties since 2012


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What a Thermostat Upgrade Could Do for Your AC System


When an air conditioner starts experiencing trouble, often the first thought homeowners have is that it must be a problem with a broken component within the system, or perhaps the culprit is a dirty filter that needs to be changed. These very well could be the problem, but another likely cause for alleged AC disrepair is the thermostat.

A malfunctioning thermostat is not going to send the right signals to your HVAC systems. The thermostat is tasked with telling these systems what to do and how long to do it for, and if you have an outdated thermostat–like a basic digital thermostat or even an old manual slider thermostat–you could be missing out on comfort and monetary savings.

Read on to see what an upgrade to a smart thermostat can do for your air conditioner!

More Precise Temperature Control

Even an upgrade to a programmable thermostat will offer you more in way of temperature control. You can set a temperature for your air conditioner to cycle on so it’s not running all day.

A smart thermostat takes this even further. First off, a smart thermostat can be controlled remotely from your smartphone or mobile device, so you can set it from anywhere. Second, a smart thermostat learns from your heating and cooling preferences and adjusts itself accordingly to offer you optimal comfort.

Reliable Cooling

With an older, malfunctioning thermostat, you may find yourself stuck with an air conditioner that either won’t cycle on when its meant to, or won’t shut down when it needs to. This is a sign that your thermostat isn’t accurately reading the temperature in the room.

This isn’t something you’ll need to worry about if you upgrade to a smart thermostat! And you’ll significantly boost your air conditioner’s efficiency, since an air conditioner that won’t shut down will clearly waste lots of energy and money.

No Thermostat Worries for Awhile!

When is the last time you upgraded your air conditioner? Did you upgrade your thermostat at that time, as well? If your thermostat is older than your air conditioner, it’s a big sign that it is time for you to replace this device.

If you aren’t sure how old your thermostat is, let’s put it this way–if it’s not at least a programmable thermostat, it’s too old to give you reliable and efficient service throughout the lifespan of your air conditioner.

Increase Energy Savings

A new smart thermostat is going to optimize your energy efficiency. It allows you the ability to set up programs, it provides breakdowns of your energy usage to help you be an informed consumer, and a smart thermostat can even warn you when your air conditioner is having problems. This helps you save on what could have been hefty emergency AC repair bills.

When it comes to your thermostat options, the smart thermostat is the pinnacle of all thermostats. However, you’d do well to upgrade to a Wi-Fi thermostat or even a programmable thermostat if your current device is over a decade old.

To learn more about smart thermostats in Chambersburg, PA or to schedule your upgrade, contact Premier HVAC Services today!

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