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Serving Franklin and Washington Counties since 2012


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Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Boiler


Whether you’re a new or seasoned homeowners, when you’re shopping for a new heating system to install, one of the biggest factors in that decision is how long the system will last. And a boiler definitely tops the list when it comes to sturdy, durable systems that last a long time. In fact, when well maintained, a boiler can outlive a furnace or a heat pump system.

But boilers are not immortal! Once you’ve gotten a couple of decades of warmth from your home’s boiler system, is may be time to consider a replacement. How do you know when it’s time? We’ve shared some signs below that it’s probably time to give us a call to start exploring your boiler replacement options.

Consider the Age

We mentioned above that a well-maintained boiler can last a couple of decades. In some cases, it may be a little less than this, but a good rule of thumb is if yours is in the 15-20 year range it’s time to start looking for signs that it might not be working as efficiently or as effectively as it used to.

As it ages, your boiler is more likely to fail, need excessive repairs, and drain more energy than you should be paying for. Even if a boiler is still running, it doesn’t mean it’s running well. Read on for some more signs!


This is one of the biggest warning signs of a boiler that’s ready for an upgrade. Modern manufacturers have designed boilers to resist corrosion for many years, and as long as you stay on top of your annual boiler maintenance from professionals, you shouldn’t have to worry about surprise corrosion.

However, broken valves can let in air, and leaks can too. Plus over the years the reaction between the burners and the heat exchanger can eventually cause corrosion. Once you see corrosion on the outside of a boiler, there is no doubt that it needs to be replaced before you find yourself dealing with a massive leak or boiler failure.


Speaking of leaks, a boiler system that’s become worn down with age is susceptible to developing leaks at its valves and connection points. The moment that you notice water pooling around the boiler, call us for repairs to see what’s causing it. Our professionals can give you an informed opinion on whether you need to have a replacement system, or if the heater can be repaired.

High Energy Bills

Have you noticed that your wintertime energy bills are a lot higher than they used to be in previous years? This is typically a sign that something in your home is working inefficiently, and it could very well be your older boiler to blame.

After all, heating and cooling systems account for up to half of a home’s energy use, so if your already expensive boiler is aging to the point that it starts having problems, then it may leech that energy efficiency from your home.

Whether you’re ready for replacement or need boiler repair in Shippensburg, PA, we’re the team to call! Contact Premier HVAC Services today.

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