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Serving Franklin and Washington Counties since 2012


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Pay Attention to These Furnace Noises!


During operation, your furnace is going to make some noise. For instance, you may hear a slight rattling from the ductwork as the warm air passes through and the temperature fluctuates. You’ll also, of course, hear the rush of air coming through your room vents. But you know the specific sounds of your furnace better than anyone—so anything outside of what you normally hear is cause enough for alarm.

Look, we get it: it’s easy to deny something is wrong with your heating systems. Fixing the problem can be a hassle and an expense you weren’t planning on. But the sooner you take care of any repair need, no matter how seemingly small, the more you can depend on your heating system to get you through the winter season reliably and powerfully. So if you hear any of the following suspicious noises, don’t hesitate to give our team a call!


There’s probably not a banshee inside your heater. The more likely culprit is that the blower motor is experiencing problems. And a broken blower motor means that the heat being produced by your furnace won’t be able to sufficiently circulate warm air throughout your home.

So what causes blower motor problems? Usually it’s a loss of lubrication, which happens over the years as a natural part of wear and tear. It’s worth noting here that this is something we check for during your routine maintenance appointments, so be sure to stay on top of those!

Remember, the best way to get this problem properly diagnosed is by contacting an experienced HVAC professional. Once the problem is diagnosed, we can take the right measures to get it fixed and get you back to disruption-free comfort.


Have you discovered that your heating system is making a noise that resembles metal on metal? Well, then you probably are hearing metal on metal, and it’s very likely a sign of a problem with the heater’s blower wheel. If this is in fact the case, it’s important to turn off your furnace right away to avoid further damage.

A damaged component like this can have a domino effect on other components of your furnace, eventually breaking it down to the point that it won’t turn on at all. That’s not what you need this winter!


Did it just sound like there was a mini-explosion in your furnace? Well, we don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but that very well could be what you heard. This is a sign of dirty burners. Sure, this seems like a benign problem—what’s a little bit of dirt going to do? Actually, it builds up on the burners and when the jets turn on, the heat and gas have to break through the dirt, so when it does finally ignite, a small explosion occurs.

Before you ask, no, cleaning the burner yourself isn’t something we recommend. Unfortunately, there is room for error here. You can wind up doing more harm than good to your system and could potentially harm yourself if you don’t know how to handle furnace components—particularly if you’re using a gas-powered one.

For professional heating repair in Chambersburg, PA and beyond, look no further than Premier HVAC Services. Contact us today!

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