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Serving Franklin and Washington Counties since 2012


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Benefits of a Whole-Home Humidifier


As you may be very well aware of, high humidity during the summer can make a hot day feel miserable—and whole-house dehumidification can help. In fact, even though your air conditioner can’t really provide comprehensive dehumidification, it does help dry the air out a bit. But did you know you could have too little humidity in your home?

The winter months bring dry air, and dry air brings a number of problems for both your property and your health. Fortunately, there is a solution. Read on as we uncover the power of whole-home humidifiers and why they are beneficial for many homes.

First, Put a Portable Humidifier Out of Your Mind

You’ve probably seen portable humidifiers. Maybe you’ve used one in a baby’s room or even in your room when you were ill. All a portable system is good for, however, is one area of your house. When it comes to handling your whole home, they simply won’t do the job (unless perhaps you bought one and found space for one in every room).

For a comprehensive solution, you should arrange for a whole-house humidifier installation. A whole-home system is installed directly into the ductwork and will help your house in a number of ways when the relative humidity level drops below a comfortable level (below 30%). How so? Read on!

Improves Your Comfort

A lack of moisture in your home’s air enables heat to escape from your body more easily, making cold temperatures feel even colder. You can think of extra moisture in your home’s air like a blanket or a coat for your body—it slows down heat loss and helps you feel warmer.

Saves Energy and Money

Dry air can make your home feel like it’s 8–10° cooler than it actually is. When the indoor humidity is properly balanced, however, the warmer feel will mean you can run the heating system less and cut down on your utility bills.

Gives You a Healthier Household

One of the problems with low humidity is that it dries out people’s sinus and mucus membranes. This removes one of the body’s most important defenses against the spread of viruses and illnesses. Whole-house humidification helps keep colds and other illnesses from rapidly spreading throughout your home.

Leaves You with Fewer Irritants

Low humidity in the home leads to health problems like dry skin, chapped lips, eye irritation. These are all dry-air problems you can overcome with whole-house humidification.

Less Static Electricity

Have you ever noticed on a dry day that you can walk across your carpet in socks and then shock the rest of your household? While this may be entertaining, it can also be painful. Increasing the humidity reduces static electricity in the home.

Turn to our team to learn more about whole-home humidification. Our indoor air quality experts will help ensure you breathe easy in your house and feel as comfortable as possible while you’re in it, too!

For exceptional indoor air quality services in Chambersburg, PA, contact Premier HVAC Services today.

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