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Serving Franklin and Washington Counties since 2012


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How to Breathe a Little Easier at Home


Did you know that your indoor air can be more polluted than the air outdoors? At least, this is the case if you don’t have the right indoor air quality solutions in place in your home. And this is the case in many homes throughout the country.

Today, more and more homeowners are becoming aware of this, as well as aware of the types of systems that can help them. Whole-house air purifiers are becoming a bit of a buzzword, but they’re so much more than just a trend. They are the way to ensure your home is as comfortable and healthy as possible, no matter what time of year it is. They help reduce illnesses, allergy symptoms, and asthma symptoms.

Read on to learn more!

What Is a Whole-House Air Purifier?

An air purifier is a type of indoor air quality system that helps to rid your home of contaminants that can infiltrate the indoor air. These contaminants include allergens like dirt, dust, pet dander, smoke, and even more harmful things like VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), mold and mildew spores, bacteria, and viruses.

There are a number of different types of whole-house air purifiers, each of which tackle the above-mentioned problems in different ways.

By now you might be wondering why you need an air purifier if your HVAC system comes with an air filter. Well, this standard air filter isn’t meant to protect your indoor air. Its purpose is to protect the HVAC systems themselves from dust, dirt, and other debris that can get inside and damage their components. It does nothing to protect your home and your family from allergens and harmful contaminants like those mentioned above. But these air purifiers can help.

The Electronic Air Purifier

This system removes microscopic impurities from the indoor air, including dust, smoke, smog, pet dander, and even some types of mold spores.

These particles may seem mild and harmless to you. After all, it’s not like you can see them, right? But they can actually have a negative effect on the health of your household. This is especially true for people who already suffer from allergies and asthma.

It’s worth mentioning that it’s important to remember to clean the plates of these types of air purifiers on a regular basis. Otherwise, the effectiveness of this device will wear down as contaminants accumulate.

The UV Air Purifier

Also called UV germicidal lights, the UV air purifier works differently than other types of air purifiers. Instead of drawing contaminants out of the air, the UV air purifier is installed directly into your ductwork and attacks contaminants right from the source—namely contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and mold.

The UV lights used in this type of air purifier are harmless to people and pets, but kill single-cell organisms. An additional benefit to eliminating mold growth is that you can also help your HVAC system perform more efficiently, saving you money and improving your comfort.

For professional indoor air quality services, including the installation of a Chambersburg, PA air purifier, contact Premier HVAC Services today!

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