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Serving Franklin and Washington Counties since 2012


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Don’t Let Heating Inefficiency Get in Your Way


Okay, it’s springtime … it’s just about time to stop using our heaters in favor of our air conditioners. But we still have plenty of cool weather ahead, especially at night. So, you need your heater to work at its best, right? Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to make sure this is the case.

For instance, if you didn’t have maintenance done last fall, it’s not too late to have it done now. When it comes to heating maintenance, consistency is more important than timing. Investing in this service once a year will help the system retain up to 95% of its original efficiency rating. In addition to maintenance, you can prevent heating inefficiency from getting in the way by:

Using Your Blinds and Curtains

Even during the chilliest of winter days, if the sun is peeking out from the clouds, you can bring some radiant heat in by opening the blinds and curtains of your south-facing windows. Alternatively, closing these is a great way to keep heat out during the summer, and improve AC efficiency!

Use Your Ceiling Fans

When you’re using a forced-air heating system, one of the challenges you might face is ensuring that the heat is evenly distributed throughout your home. This is especially true if you have vaulted ceilings—it can take a while for the room to reach the temperature you desire, and so your heater will continue to run longer than it should have to.

There is a switch near the center of your fan that reverses the direction of the fan blades, pulling hot air down from the ceiling and spreading heat more evenly. This means your heater doesn’t have to run as long after all, and therefore it works more efficiently.

Program Your Thermostat

Having the right temperature setting on your thermostat is vital for heating efficiency. Just by lowering your settings a few degrees at night or when you aren’t home has the potential to save you hundreds on your annual heating costs.

Programmable, smart, and Wi-Fi thermostats enable homeowners to create heating programs based around their schedule for more efficient heater use.

Check and Replace Your Air Filter

Homeowners often think that the air filters that come standard with their HVAC systems are there to protect the home’s indoor air quality. This is not the case. These air filters are in place to protect the HVAC systems themselves from dust, dirt, and other debris that can get inside and damage the components.

These air filters can get clogged up with that debris if they’re not changed often enough, and therefore restrict airflow. When this happens, your heating system (and your air conditioner) will have to run longer to try to compensate and reach the desired temperature on the thermostat, therefore operating inefficiently.

Have Your Ductwork Checked

Damaged, leaking ductwork can allow heated and cooled air into unused areas of your home like your attic or your crawlspace. This means that energy is going to waste. Contact us if you suspect you have air duct issues and we’ll be able to fix your problem right away!

For professional heating repair in Chambersburg, PA, contact Premier HVAC Services.

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