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Are Boilers Still Considered a Good Heating System

To some, boilers may seem a little outdated. The HVAC industry has come a long way and now there are a variety of options available for heating your home. But does that mean you shouldn’t get a boiler? Not necessarily. There are many times that a boiler is an excellent choice for heating your home. 

Boilers in Hagerstown, MD offer a variety of benefits for heating your home efficiently and effectively. You can keep reading to learn more about the benefits of installing a boiler as well as insulation considerations if you don’t already have one.

Elevating Your Home Comfort

Boilers are excellent heating systems because of how they operate. Water is a much better conductor of heat compared to air, so a boiler is more effective than a forced air system. Even after water flows through the pipes in your home, residual heat in those pipes continues to provide warmth in between heating cycles.

Since heat rises, a boiler can heat your home from floor to ceiling. Many forced air systems have air vents along the ceiling, ultimately trapping some air up high that never moves down into your rooms. Plus, boilers provide a more consistent heat so your home will stay warm for longer. 

Energy Costs and Maintenance

A boiler can save you a lot on your monthly energy costs compared to other types of heating systems. Electric furnaces in particular require quite a bit of energy to heat up the burners or coils and transfer heat into the air for your home. Then the heat has to travel through a network of ducts where some of the heat can get lost before ever reaching your home.

You don’t have the same problem with a boiler. 100% of the heat produced is transferred into your home via the network of pipes that connect to the boiler. Plus, boilers are considered very low-maintenance heating systems. You should still schedule an annual tune-up if you have a boiler, but instead of more significant maintenance that we would do on a furnace, a boiler has fewer steps involved.

Installation Considerations

If you do not already have an existing boiler in place, installing one can be a major project. In fact, most people do not install a boiler in an existing home unless they are completing a home renovation project. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible! If you’re very interested in installing a boiler in your home, schedule an in-home assessment with our team of experts. A new home build is another great time to invest in a boiler. 

We can talk you through the process and help you put together a plan that works for your home and schedule. If you have an existing boiler, replacing it with another boiler is a fairly straightforward process. All of the pipes and attachments are already in place and all we have to do is replace the actual boiler itself.

The bottom line is that yes, boilers are still highly effective heating systems. The complex installation process means that they don’t get installed in homes as frequently, but they are still a superior choice when it comes to heating your home as well as saving on energy costs.

To schedule your boiler service, contact Premier HVAC Services today!

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