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HVAC Contractor in Fairfield, PA

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You deserve to have peace of mind in your Fairfield, PA home that there is an HVAC contractor standing by to provide fast, accurate help whenever you need it. Premier HVAC Services has 24-hour emergency heating and cooling service so your family can always feel comfortable in their home. But we offer much more than this-we install the best, cutting-edge products and free second opinions. We also believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for price, so we offer a price-match guarantee and all our technicians are committed to doing each job 100% right. Trust Us-Your Local Heating & Air Conditioning Professionals!

Air Conditioning Services

When you live in a modern home, you may take central air conditioning for granted. But any AC system, no matter how well cared for it is, can start to malfunction or become an energy drain. It may even permanently fail and need to be replaced. No matter what you need to rescue your home cooling in Fairfield, PA, we’ll do the job. Swift repairs that stay repaired, high-efficiency AC installations and replacements, and annual maintenance-we do every job.

AC Repair & Installation

On the hunt for a great new air conditioner? We carry all brands and types, including cutting-edge systems you may not have heard of before, such as inverter air conditioners and ductless mini splits. Once you have your new AC system installed, you won’t worry that we’ll simply vanish. As soon as your system needs repairs, you can call us 24/7 to come to your assistance. Our HVAC technicians are what makes Premier HVAC Services great-they’re committed to your full satisfaction on each job.

Heating Services

A cold winter night in Fairfield, PA is nothing to take lightly. It’s certainly nothing you can fend off with a rickety old heating system. We provide all of the heating services you need to keep away worries about those cold nights. No matter if it’s a new furnace installation, repairs for a heat pump, full system maintenance, or a complete HVAC replacement, we have the trained experts to do the work. All our employees receive ongoing training so they’re current with the newest trends, tools, and technology in the industry.

Heating Repair & Installation

No matter what an amateur may promise you, never hire anyone except a licensed HVAC professional to fix your faulty heating system. There are no shortcuts when it comes to getting a central heater working again. Poor workmanship will cost you more down the line, and it can even be dangerous. Let our pros handle it. This applies to installing a new heater as well. It takes an expert with up-to-date training to find and size the right new home heater.

Furnace Repair & Installation

Premier HVAC Services has installed and repaired numerous furnaces-which shouldn’t be a surprise considering furnaces are the most common type of central home heating system. We work on both gas and electric furnaces, and we provide service for oil-to-gas conversions so homes can enjoy the benefits of using natural gas. No matter if you schedule service to put in a new furnace or to restore the one that’s heated your home for ten years, we’ll do it safely and correctly. 

Boiler Services in Fairfield, PA

Though many homeowners choose to heat their homes with a forced-air system like a furnace, boilers are still a great alternative! Not only are these systems super-efficient and effective, but they also provide more warmth than any other system can. If you are interested in having a boiler installed in your home, give our team a call. We offer boiler repair, installation, replacement and maintenance services throughout the Fairfield, PA area.

Water Heaters

No matter if you have a tank water heater or a tankless water heater, it needs maintenance. With a tank water heater, we’ll check on the component known as the anode rod to see if it needs replacement to keep rust and corrosion away. With a tankless system, we’ll ensure that there isn’t too much mineral buildup coating the heat exchanger and preventing it from working. Maintenance can help you avoid the majority of emergency water heater repairs!

Indoor Air Quality Services

A stuffy and dusty home won’t be a pleasant one, no matter how well the climate is controlled. If you have humidity problems in your Fairfield, PA home, speak to our indoor air quality specialists and they can suggest a whole-house dehumidifier (or a humidifier if your home is too dry). We also help remove pesky and unhealthy airborne contaminants with air filters and air purifiers or bring in fresh currents of outdoor air using an energy recovery ventilator.

Duct Cleaning

Over the years, contaminants can get trapped in your HVAC system’s ductwork, creating problems for HVAC efficiency, indoor air quality, and your overall comfort. Fortunately, our Fairfield professionals are here to help, with professional and reliable duct cleaning that will keep you breathing easier and help your heating and cooling systems do their job too.

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