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At Cost Sale

Dear Friend,

As winter rolls along, we want to ensure that every homeowner in our community has a heating system to keep their family warm and comfortable. With your comfort in mind, we are offering homeowners like you the opportunity to invest in a brand new high-efficient heating and cooling system AT OUR COST!

The Harsh Reality Of The Heating And Cooling Business
The HVAC business is very seasonal, with erratic weather patterns not keeping us as busy as we’d like from mid- January until the second week of April. Many companies layoff people during slow times and hope to replace them when business picks up. This practice is unfair and hard on the employees and their families, and not consistent with our core values at Premier HVAC. We really work hard to keep our crews working full-time, even if that means we make little to no profit for a few months out of the year. You see, for 8 to 9 months of the year, we strive to generate about 8% profit on our sales (after we pay our people and our bills). This allows us the ability to run our business both effectively and efficiently, while also reinvesting in our tools, training, technology, company improvements, people and our community.

A Problem Leads To An Opportunity
Coincidentally, January 1st is when our manufacturers will pass along to us their 3rd price increase on heating and cooling equipment in the last 12 months. However, one of our manufacturer partners agreed to partner with us in our quest to keep our employees busy (even while making less money). Why? This partner realizes that when we are slow, they are also slow. With that in mind, we negotiated a bulk purchase commitment to lock in a low price on heating and cooling systems, which allows us to pass along the savings to you! Keep in mind though, you can only leverage these savings through March 31st, 2024 or after we receive 47 installation agreements. At that time our costs will increase and so will our retail prices.

Here’s My Offer ...
I hope that if we make you a very generous offer that benefits you greatly, you will feel compelled to act on this unique opportunity and help me solve this dilemma. So, if you invest now in a new Signature Series, Premier  Performance, or Prime Value heating and cooling system from us, then we’ll give you the 8% profit as a discount off our 2023 retail book pricing along with the 8% savings you get by avoiding the 2024 manufacturer’s price hike. You are literally double-dipping on your savings and getting up to 16% off! The savings are the greatest we have offered in our company’s history. By letting YOU win big NOW, my company and coworkers win—it’s a win-win-win!

It Gets Even Better...
These systems are among the best available. These are brand new, top-tier systems with our renowned Premier Signature Installation. They are not "gently used," "preowned," "second-hand models," "scratch and dents," "closeout clearance models" or "basic builder" models. Each new system comes with ten (10) years full parts and labor coverage (a $1,608 value) as well as annual preventative maintenance for two (2) years (a $438 value). Also, with your new system, you’ll receive a High-Efficiency Whole Home Air Filtration System (which we sell daily for $650), installed the right way by our team for FREE! This air cleaner will protect your equipment and keep it and your whole home clean, as well as reduce allergens and dusting. According to the EPA, the concentration of some pollutants indoors are 2x-5x times higher (up to 100 times) than outdoor air. You can also take advantage of 40% off Duct Cleaning AND $500 towards replacing your old, under-performing, inefficient, water heater.

All Solutions Qualify For Convenient And Flexible 100% Consumer Financing*
Best of all, you don’t have to put any money down. If you choose to lock in a low fixed rate of 7.99% APR*, you’ll give yourself the lowest monthly payment possible (as low as $21.42/wk.). Alternatively, you could choose not to pay a dime of interest for eighteen (18) months* with our different financing plan. Truth is, we will work with you on whichever option best suits your family, your budget, and your needs. All said and done, if you are reading this and thinking, "My system is working just fine now...I don’t need to upgrade it," we urge you to at least consider investing in a new high-efficiency system NOW to cut your energy bills by 30% or leverage all these other benefits and savings. When you add the utility savings and decades of no repair cost savings, you can more than offset your investment in a new comfort system.

Ironclad Guarantee
If we don’t meet all of our promises, which we will share with you in writing, and if you’re not completely satisfied with every aspect of your Premier experience, we’ll remove the equipment and return ALL of your money! No questions asked. You can’t lose! This is our exclusive two-year test-drive 100% satisfaction money- back guarantee.

Offer Absolutely, Positively Ends Sunday, March 31st

We hope this promotion will help keep our entire team busy until April when people’s thoughts turn to a because this offer expires March 31st, 2024 or after we install 47 systems. No exceptions. Reason being: We can only install so many systems each month without compromising our Premier standard of excellence! We refused to lower our standards... even though in this case we’re offering a lower price.

How Can You Get This Offer? Call Now!

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. Just call Kelli or Megan at 717-895-9027 before this offer ends to schedule a No-Cost Comfort Survey and Energy Analysis with one of our Comfort Advisors. We will evaluate your system, your comfort needs, and your energy usage, to show how much this offer can benefit you long term. Plus, your Comfort Advisor will be well-versed in all the details of this opportunity, as there are many. This is a free initial on-site evaluation and, you are under no obligation to buy anything—EVER!

Thank you for reading this letter and in advance for your consideration. I hope you profit greatly as a result.


Tim Stenger, President

P.S. This is our best promotion ever. You can save 16% plus get all the other incentives as well as the energy and repair cost savings. Your only regret will be if your call comes too late or not at all.

No Mess, No Fuss Bonus 

You keep your home clean, and so will we. If our techs don’t leave your home as neat and clean as they found it, I will pay to have it professionally cleaned.

Not-A-Day-Without-Heat Guarantee

We work fast and precise. In fact, my technicians can usually have your new heating system operating within a few hours after disconnecting your old one (we’ll even bring portable electric heaters for you to use if you like while we work). You deserve to stay comfortable, and we guarantee you will.


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