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At Cost Sale

Dear Faithful Friend,

As 2022 starts off full of potential, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued confidence and loyalty in using our services. As a sign of our appreciation, we want to reward you with an exclusive opportunity reserved for our very best customers before we send an offer to the general public.

An Incredible Opportunity for Both of Us

RIGHT NOW is a great time to consider replacing your old heating and cooling system and capitalize on some incredible savings we are passing along for a limited time. Plus, avoid taking a chance that your system can endure another snowstorm and cold snap that could shut down the roads leaving you without heat for days.

As you may know, January through mid-April is one of our most challenging times of year to stay busy. So, each year we partner with our manufacturer to pass along some significant savings before they raise our prices, as well as give you our profit in order to offer you enough of an incentive to help us keep all our installers busy this winter.

Limited Time Offer

This exclusive offer will be mailed to the public - offering a limited number of customers, for a limited time, to purchase a Premier Performance system (or above) and get 8% off (our profit) on our everyday 2021 printed retail price, and a High Efficiency Whole Home Air Filtration System FREE (a $450 value). Plus, avoid our 2022 manufacturer’s 12% price increase.

That’s right. That is NOT a typo. Our manufacturer recently passed along a price increase. However, we were able to get them to hold off the price increase for this promotion. We are inviting our very best customers to take advantage of a better offer with our "Private Sale", to give you an opportunity (and a 21-day head start) on this fantastic deal along with some extra customer-exclusive benefits, before we mail the basic offer to thousands of area homeowners.

Additional Customer-Exclusive Incentives!

Because you are a loyal Premier customer, we would like to offer you an additional $250 credit towards any Comfort-Enhancing Accessory (Thermostat Upgrades and IAQ Products). Did you know poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is considered a leading public health issue? In some ways, it’s not surprising since on average we spend about 90% of our time indoors. According to the EPA, the concentration of some pollutants indoors are 2-5 times higher than outdoor air.

Act NOW!

You must act before January 28th, 2022. If it’s anything like previous winter promotions, once the public letter goes out, our phones literally ring off the hook. Then, it’s simply first-come-first-served. We get so swamped with business that we actually have to turn people away (sad, but true). With a pending price increase, it’s a safe bet our customers will seize the opportunity to save piles of cash.

I urge you to read the enclosed letter and invite you to take advantage of the savings. Call Kelli at 717.597.9900 immediately before it’s too late. Kelli will arrange an appointment for your FREE engineering analysis with one of our Comfort Advisors. There is absolutely NO cost and NO obligation to get all the information. We appreciate you as a customer and thank you for your business and confidence.

My personal thanks,

Tim Stenger, President

P.S. The clock is ticking on your 3-week head start and customer-exclusive $250 credit towards any Comfort-Enhancing Accessory. While there are some tremendous savings with our public offer, the Premier-customer offer is even better. Your only regret will be if your call comes too late or not at all.

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